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Achieving great skin & finding the best skin care always starts with a thorough skin consultation

I can’t begin to count the number of times I have been in a beauty store and heard a sales person give a potential client horrible advice on skin care treatments or products for their skin type or condition. To the defense of the sales staff, they are most likely not trained skin professionals, and are probably unaware they are giving poor advice. Often the care treatments or skin care products they recommend cost just as much if not more, than the appropriate care or products that would be more effective, and their ill-informed recommendation could ultimately cause the client more skin problems than they would solve, not to mention the unnecessary money the client is being asked to spend.

An in-depth skin consultation with a Qualified Practicing Aesthetic Practitioner (Aesthetician – Skin Specialist) must be your first step in addressing skin concerns such as aging, acne, pigmentation and sun damage as well as rosacea and sensitivity. Even if you are just looking for professional advise on appropriate skin care to maintain your skin, a skin consultation really is your best start to getting great skin and the best skin care. Standing in the front office and talking to the office staff or even an Aesthetic Practitioner between appointments, does not cut it. Not everyone is qualified to give skin care advice. Even an Aesthetic Practitioner cannot give you the attention you need in 5 minutes and without performing at least some rudimentary skin analysis.

Your First Visit

Before Your Initial Skin Treatment

A Skin Consultation and Analysis is necessary before you can undertake your first skin treatment (be that IPL Laser Photorejuvenation; DermaFrac Skin Needling; LED Light Phototherapy; or Chemical Skin Peel). Each of these treatments have specific contraindications that may prevent you from undertaking the treatment owing to safety concerns or circumstances that would prevent the treatment from being effective. As a Registered Practitioner and Licensed Therapist we require the consultation be carried out prior to your first treatment only. The total cost of the consultation is redeemable in full on your first skin treatment (IPL, Laser, Needling, LED or Peel) or on your purchase of a skin care serum that might be required to be applied in preparing your skin for treatment.


Cost is fully redeemable on your first skin treatment or skin care serum purchase

$ 60 00
Duration 45 - 60 mins
  • Preliminary Visual Skin Examination
  • Personal, Lifestyle & Medical History
  • Skin Cleanse & Diagnostic Examination (Woods Lamp)
  • Discuss Your Skin - Your Concerns
  • Fitzpatrick Skin Phototype Assesment
  • Photographic Record of Your Skin Issues
  • Assessment Evaluation - Realistic Result Expectations
  • Formulate Proposed Treatment Plan
  • Identify Treatment Cost - Any Pre or Post Skin Care Needs
  • *Patch Test - Required Before any IPL or Laser Treatment
  • *Barrier Skin Test - Required if Undertaking a Chemical Skin Peel
  • Your Consultation Records & Photo Images are Updated Each Treatment

How to get the most out your Skin Consultation

An Aesthetician is a skin care specialist, that has been educated and trained on skin health and beauty. They do not diagnose or treat medical skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, allergies or skin cancers. An Aesthetician may work in a day spa, salon, med-spa or within a medical practice such as dermatology or plastic surgery. When selecting an Aesthetician, be sure to ask about their experience and training. Some Aestheticians may have additional training or certifications to work in medical aesthetics. You should look for an Aesthetician that fits your personal goals.

If you can help our Aesthetician understand what you see, and what concerns you most, then we can better help you. We recommend you make a list of concerns and what you hope to improve. It may help to look in a mirror while creating your list. If you simply want to maintain your skin, we can help with that too. The more clear you are about your concerns, the more likely they will be addressed. You may have skin issues or signs of aging that do not bother you, our Aesthetician does not want to offend you by suggesting that you improve something that you are content with. Aestheticians understand that most people have a budget and we want to respect your money and be certain to address the issues you are most concerned with, so be sure to communicate the priority of your concerns.

Pigmentation: Is your skin colour even or do you notice irregular pigmentation such as Melasma, dark patches, freckles, age-spots, sun spots or pigmented scars?

Acne / Clogged Pores: Do you have any cysts, pimples, black heads, white heads or clogged pores? Do breakouts correlate with menstrual cycle or hair removal? How often do you break out?

Texture: Is your skin smooth and even or does it feel rough or flakey? Does your skin look creapy, have fine lines or scars that are raised or depressed?

Vascular Issues: Do you have rosacea, broken capillaries, spider veins, diffused redness or red spots? Do you flush easily?

Oil and Moisture: Is your skin normal, oily, shiny, dry, tight and dry?

Aging Concerns: Do you have any lines, wrinkles, folds? Is your skin that lax or thinning? Is your facial volume plump and cohesive or do you see separation of the fat pads, hollowness of the face or under eyes, flat cheeks, or jowls? Do you have droopy or hooded brows?

Hair: Even if you are only seeking skin treatments, let our Aesthetician know if you experience unwanted hair, specifically facial hair and how you address it. Hair growth and hair removal methods may provide clues to skin issues. (This applies to men and women) Some hair removal methods may be contraindications to potential treatments or products. Aestheticians specialise in hair removal methods, so we can provide you with or suggest the most appropriate hair removal methods.

Be prepared to talk to our Aesthetician about the skin care products you have used in the past and are currently using. When filling out your consultation form, it is not enough to list a brand name or only include a couple of products you use. We need a detailed list of the products you are using and it is even better if you bring the products in with you, so that we can read the ingredient list.

Not all skin care products or ingredients play well together, for example products with Benzoyl Peroxide can oxidize your topical antioxidants. Acne and anti-aging products usually contain active ingredients and if we mix too many, the skin may become very irritated. You may already be using something similar to what we would recommend and we do not want you to purchase something, if you already have it or something like it. Our Aesthetician will try to work with your current products, when possible. Sometimes, however it may be necessary to start from scratch.

Think back to any cosmetic procedures or skin care treatments you may have had and make a list. Our Aesthetician will need to know what procedures / treatments you have had done. Some things should not be repeated too soon, while others my be contraindicated to each other. For example, if you have had deep resurfacing procedures (like chemical skin peels or laser), our Aesthetician will want to know because they cannot be repeated too frequently. If you have recently had certain injectables or dermal fillers, you may need to wait before having some procedures. If you have ever had any silicone injections or have been on roaccutane, you need to alert our Aesthetician.

Tell our Aesthetician what you liked or did not like about the things that you have already done. If you had a good experience with something, that will provide a clue to how you respond to treatment. If you feel something did not work or you had a bad experience, we do not want to repeat that for you. Sometimes, our Aesthetician may want to spend some time educating you on why you had that experience. Never assume anything is irrelevant.

Our Aesthetician will want to know a little about your medical background and medications. Some medications may increase your chances of bruising or cause photosensitivity. Do not forget to list any supplements or herbal treatments you may use. Remember to list any allergies, including food allergies, as some skin care products contain natural ingredients like pumpkin, papaya and pineapple. Medical conditions can effect your bodies wound healing abilites and how your skin responds to treatment. When listing medical conditions be sure to include any hormone therapy.

Have your stress levels changed recently, particularly timely when considered against recent worsening of a skin condition? Stress is an incredibly powerful influencer in skin health and condition.

Your lifestyle and habits are important too. How do you exercise, are you on a restrictive diet, do you smoke, drink or use any other substance. We are not here to judge you, we need to take into consideration the variables that may influence how you will respond to treatment. If you have any special scheduling concerns, be sure to discuss them during your consultation.

As you are discussing treatment options, be sure to clarify what you should expect. Often clients do not understand that they should expect some reaction with treatment or even some skin care products. Be sure you have an idea of what is normal and when you should be concerned. If you are having a treatment that involves any “down time”, our Aesthetician will give you an idea of how long it will take to recover. Keep in mind, that this is just an estimated time frame. There are far too many variables that effect healing, it is impossible to predict exactly. It is also relative to what you consider to be “down time” and when it comes to your appearance being acceptable to return to work or social activities, everyone has different standards.

Before scheduling treatments, be sure you understand what typical results are. Often clients hear what they want to believe, expecting too much. Its tempting to hope that even if your Aesthetician recommends a series of treatments, that you will be the exception. Sometimes we convince ourself that a non-surgical treatment will deliver a surgical result. We want to believe that one treatment can replace the need for others or that what we do at home isn’t that important. Try to keep your expectations realistic.

Be sure to find out about your consultation fee, often the consultation fee may be credited toward your first treatment, as it is with our clinic. Be wary of clinics offering free consultations. This is often a strategy used to attract customers, but it doesn’t necessarily ensure the depth and thoroughness that your skin deserves.

If you can not make your appointment, call to cancel or reschedule as soon as possible. A minimum of 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment is standard, this allows time to fill the space.

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