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Pigmentation Facial

“Combat the effects of skin pigmentation & sun damage”

Lighten & Brighten Pigmentation Facial – Concentrated Vitamin C combined with a botanical fruit enzyme exfoliation lightens, brightens, hydrates and gives a radiant glow to lack-lustre, sun damaged and environmentally stressed skin whilst a customised mask with Aspect Pigment Punch deals with pigmentation and those unsightly age spots.

Even, perfect skin tone is one of the greatest skin concerns for women and men, and one of the most common effects of sun damage is hyperpigmentation, or dark spots. So it comes as little surprise, many Australian women and men want to reduce pigmentation.

This bespoke treatment utilizes the benefits of Aspect Pigment Punch, Vitamin C serum and Exfol AHA’s to restore your clean skin youthful appearance.

Treatment Cost: $110 | 60 min

pigmentation facial

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Treatment Protocol

This lighten and brighten pigmentation facial treatment, perfect for discoloured skin, browning patches, age spots, pigmentation, aging & sun damaged skins includes;-

  • Double Cleanse – using Purastat 5 or Gentle Cleanse to unplug congested pores leaving the skin hydrated
  • Skin Assessment
  • Peel Preparation – lifts off dead skin cells and corrects skin pH balance
  • Exfoliation – using either a blend of natural botanical fruit enzymes sourced from the Amazon Region for sensitive skin types or a slightly stronger exfoliation with Aspect Cellablation
  • Customised Infusion Mask – with the addition of Pigment Punch, a botanical peel to diminish unsightly age spots and pigmentation and/or Extreme Vitamin C Concentrate Forte
  • Skin Resurfacing – the application of Exfol L 15, a serum of gentle naturally derived Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) to accelerate skin cell renewal
  • Skin Serum – the application of Extreme C 20 Vitamin C serum to further address skin rejuvenation and balance
  • Moisturiser – using Phytostat 9 selected from our professional cosmeceutical range to nourish your skin
  • Sun Protection – our final touch of COSMEDIX Reflect to protect your most important asset

Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle!

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