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CACIWrinkle Comb

“A needle-free non invasive alternative to collagen injections & dermal fillers”

The CACI Wrinkle Comb

Wrinkle Treatment – combines high frequency current and LED photo stimulation technologies to effectively plump out deep lines and wrinkles. It is a non-invasive procedure. This powerful action stimulates fibroblast cells to naturally increase collagen and elastin production to help reduce wrinkle depth and promote skin tissue repair.

This facial combines the effects and techniques of the non-surgical face lift and the unique wrinkle comb applicator. The wrinkle comb combines the synergy of LED red and blue light therapy stimulation whilst high frequency micro current is used to effectively improve the signs of ageing.

Treatment Cost:  $80  30 mins
Rid the wrinkles

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A Wrinkle Revelation

Softens and smooths the appearance of lines and wrinkles

This facial combines the effects and techniques of the non surgical face lift and the unique wrinkle comb applicator. The wrinkle comb combines the synergy of bio-therapeutic LED red and blue light therapy stimulation whilst high frequency microcurrent is used to instantly plump out and soften deep lines and wrinkles.

Our Skin Specialist will adjust the LED to treat your specific skin needs and concerns.

The application of combined microcurrent and LED Phototherapy can;-

  • Increase cell energy by up to 500%;
  • Increase protein synthesis (elastin) by up to 73%;
  • Increase fibroblastic activity (collagen) by up to 60%;
  • Increase cell permeability by up to 30 – 40%;
  • Stimulate oxygenation and circulation of blood
  • Increase lymphatic system activity
  • Trigger tissue repair and healing by increasing the speed up cell regeneration

The application of LED light as a treatment therapy is termed ‘Phototherapy’ derived from the measurement of light energy in units of photons.

Light energy is in every nerve, cell, gland and muscle of the body and each emits its own unique frequency vibration.

rid me of wrinklesWhen the body becomes out of balance (due to age, health, environment, lifestyle or other external factors) the frequency vibration within the cells is affected and this disruption can lead to signs of ageing, skin conditions, illness and disease.

Each colour wavelength of light has a specific and unique frequency vibration. Specific light wavelengths have a bio stimulatory action on the cells and so can be used to effectively normalise cellular imbalances and treat certain skin conditions.

The Red light is effective in improving circulation, triggering tissue repair and healing.

The Blue light is proven to be effective in providing a mix of healing, calming, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect.

There are now numerous scientific studies on the effect of phototherapy in the healing of acne and other skin conditions.

Although this treatment is relaxing, the main purpose of the treatment is much more practical as it offers real anti aging benefits with visible results every time. There is less massage in this treatment and more electrotherapy however the treatment is still very relaxing and delivers no pain.

The Wrinkle Comb has five needle like prongs which are evenly spaced. These needle like prongs are covered with a plastic cover so you do not feel the sensation of a needle. The wrinkle comb is applied to the dips in your skin where you have expression lines eg frown lines, crows feet etc. The wrinkle comb is left in the “line” for a few seconds and this action is repeated several times.


Results are visible after the very first treatment however for optimal results we recommend a course of ten (10) to twelve (12) treatments in total with treatments being delivered twice weekly. After a course of CACI Wrinkle Comb treatments facial contours will look lifted and toned*.

At the conclusion of your ten (10) to twelve (12) treatments we recommend a single Wrinkle Comb Maintenance treatment be conducted every four (4) – six (6) weeks to continue the muscular re-education and to maintain optimal results.

* Results may vary from person to person.

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