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Brand Philosophy

DermaQuest provides luxury skin care, rich in botanical stem cells, peptides and vitamins, with hydrating and nourishing ingredients that are essential for maintaining skin integrity. These products do so much more than prime and pamper your skin; The rewards of healthy looking skin are both attainable and sustainable with regular use of these result-driven skin care collections.

The DermaQuest philosophy is to provide physicians and aestheticians globally with innovative, results driven skin care solutions through unparalleled and unique retail and professional formulations. This combined with service of the highest quality to support excellence in skin care practices.

Targeted Solutions for Every Skin

Since 1999, Dermaquest have crafted the absolute finest skin care products available for home and professional care and continue to do so as they embrace their role as the leader in plant stem cell technology and as a top international skin care brand.

With innovative products that address every need and desire, advanced delivery systems and their unique layering technology, this exclusive and unique line takes skin care to the next level of excellence and that is pure skin science.

Dermaquest is paraben free and all products are formulated without animal testing; a philosophy upheld by the belief that animal testing is inhumane.

Make sure you only buy from an Authorised Stockist and Clinical Practitioner who can support you in finding the skin care products that work best for your skin 

DermaQuest knows that to achieve maximum skin health you need to follow a regime using the basic skin building ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid / Peptides / Vitamin C / Vitamin A / Niacinamide (Vit B3) & Plant Stem Cells – it is all that is needed for the most flawless, faultless, radiant skin possible… believe it – it IS possible.

DermaQuest has a clear strategy for brilliant skin results:

  1. work with the highest percentage of any active ingredient, and
  2. prescribe as many different active ingredients as possible.

The concept is simple & designed to achieve Maximum Skin Health.

Combining plant stem cell extracts, antioxidants and peptides, Dermaquest offers active cosmeceutical products for skins of all types and concerns. Come and pick up some products from ‘The Essentials’ range, and let our clinicians guide you through the specialty Dermaquest products.

DERMAQUEST Skin Care products are NOT available to be purchased without having undertaken a Skin Consultation.
Please contact our Clinic.

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