CosMedix Elite

cosmedix elite
Spa formulas capable of real change – creates real skin change by combining science with pure botanical ingredients

Brand Philosophy

Cosmedix Elite takes clinical skin care to the next level. Skilfully developed to target specific skin concerns, these professional formulations feature highest-quality botanical actives at higher concentrations, and are chirally-corrected for greater efficacy and less irritation. Featuring higher-level active ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy without a prescription. Results are optimized and prolonged healing and discomfort is minimised with COSMEDIX ELITE. Cosmedix creates real skin change by combining science with pure botanical ingredients. The Cosmedix Elite range contains more potent formulations, using the latest innovations in skin care for advanced results.

Begin Your Skin Transformation

Ideal for those seeking maximum results with minimum discomfort, Cosmedix Elite is a practitioners-only range that combines optically pure botanical actives with advanced scientific know-how. Transformative results are accomplished gently, effectively and naturally.

CosMedix Elite – is anti-aging skin care at its best. This skin care line has been designed for the more discerning middle aged woman concerned about premature aging or simply aging gracefully with a healthier skin.

The CosMedix Elite developers believe in progressive skin care. They aren’t stuck in the past, depending on old science to create their products. Instead, they rely on the latest scientific evidence to help their customers reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promote plump, healthy, radiant skin.

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Cosmedix Elite Age Management
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