PCA skin Body Therapy

Dry & flaking crocodile skin? PCA skin Body Therapy 12% Lactic Acid full body moisturiser dramatically hydrates skin, evens complexion & smoothes skin texture.

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PCA skin Body Therapy – this formulation is designed to dramatically increase cutaneous moisture levels, while also improving skin surface texture. The use of 12% Lactic Acid enhances the skin’s natural moisturising factor (NMF), reduces cellular build-up, decreases bacteria proliferation & inhibits the deposit of unwanted pigment.

PCA skin Body Therapy contains additional brightening & soothing agents help to noticeably improve visible ageing, breakouts & hyperpigmentation affecting the body.

Suitable for all skin types & conditions especially extremely dry & flaking skin, PCA skin Body Therapy leaves the skin hydrated, smooth & radiant.


All skin types


  • Discolourations

  • Visible Ageing


  • Lactic acid (12%) – found in milk & sugars, this ingredient moisturises & smooths the skin

  • Shea butter – softens the skin & maintains moisture without greasiness

  • Sodium hyaluronate – holds 1,000 times its weight in water, playing an important role in skin hydration


This therapeutic full body moisturiser hydrates the skin, & encourages an even complexion & smooth skin texture.

  • This full body cream smooths skin surface texture & moisturises the skin, leaving it hydrated & radiant

  • Advanced ingredients hold moisture within the skin

  • This velvety formula softens the skin & maintains moisture without greasiness


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