Organic Nation Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum – S4

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Organic Nation Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum – S4 – This holistic anti-ageing vitamin enriched skin food is designed to work harmoniously to protect & repair your skin from harsh environmental influences.

These proven fundamentals in skincare, vitamins A, B, C & E are captured in a pure blend of certified organic Aloe Vera within Organic Nation Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum – S4.

Aroma – Uplifting aroma of citrus & alluring damask rose.

Organic Nation Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum – Certified organic content: 80%

Note: Occasionally particular ingredients are not available from a sustainable organic source, hence the percentage difference. The percentage of non Botanical Ingredients is due to the preservative, or in some instances the actives utilized. In many instances these ingredients initially started as a botanical, but were processed a number of times for stability & efficacy. In those instances we have classified them as non botanical.


All skin types

Note: For sensitive skin, patch test first & then use 1-2 times per week for 2 weeks, then 4-5 times a week.


  • protects & repairs skin

  • aids in collagen production & fights ageing by supporting proline  (Proline, also known as L-proline, is an amino acid which aids in the production of collagen)

  • vitamin C provides an anti-inflammatory effect

  • supports the skin’s barrier function & key for locking in moisture

  • reparative action from vitamin E


  • Vitamin A – Proven to reduce wrinkles, fade brown spots, & smooth roughness. Vitamin A is the best “fountain of youth” topical ingredient currently available. Organic Nation’s is encapsulated in an algae microsphere to allow for effective, slow release.

  • Vitamin B – Vitamin B boosts ceramide production & strengthens the skin’s barrier function, which is key for locking in moisture & keeping irritants and pollutants out. It has also been known to help with inflammation, hyper-pigmentation, particularly from acne by evening out the skin tone.

  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C’s ability to stimulate collagen production does wonders for the skin. Not only does this powerful anti-ageing nutrient rebuild collagen, its potent anti-oxidant power also protects skin form age-causing free radicals.

  • Vitamin E – Vitamin E is a skin care superstar. Vitamin E has been proven to ease dryness & boosts skin’s UV defence. It’s the repairing moisturiser, an antioxidant that reduces the formation of free radicals plus helps to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.



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