Organic Nation More Than Rose Hydration Mist

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Organic Nation More Than Rose Hydration Mist – refresh, hydrate & quench your skin with our more than rose hydration mist.

Rose is an intoxicating aroma that is one of the most revered essential oils around the world. Known as the Queen of essential oils, rose will not only repair & hydrate your skin it will awaken your senses & calm your mind.

Organic Nation More Than Rose Hydration Mist is blended with supporting herbs such as Aloe Leaf Juice to increase hydration & calm, along with Wild Berry Harvest, a bioactive complex derived from 3 indigenous Australian super-berries.

Aroma – A rich intoxicating aroma of damask rose that will awaken the senses & calm the mind.

Organic Nation More Than Rose Hydration Mist – Certified organic content: 90%

Note: Occasionally particular ingredients are not available from a sustainable organic source, hence the percentage difference. The percentage of non Botanical Ingredients is due to the preservative, or in some instances the actives utilized. In many instances these ingredients initially started as a botanical, but were processed a number of times for stability & efficacy. In those instances we have classified them as non botanical.


All skin types


  • calming & soothing

  • cooling & a natural humectant (preserves moisture)

  • reduces skin irritation

  • rose assists in toning capillaries


  • Damask Rose – Damask rose is effective in reducing inflammation & redness whilst aiding in repairing capillaries. Breathing in rose can have a profound effect on the psyche, as well as slowing the nervous system & heart rate.

  • Sodium Hyaluronate – Produced by natural bio-fermentation & recognised as the ‘gold’ standard in skin hydration. It attracts & holds water in the spaces between collagen & elastin creating a plumping effect & increasing microcirculation.

  • Aloe Vera – Luscious Aloe Vera provides nourishment & the humectant properties that the skin needs to repair & maintain moisture.

  • Tazman Pepper, Riberry & Mutari Berry – This complex blend of indigenous ‘super-berries’ provides immediate & longer term skin hydration whilst improving skin radiance. These 3 wise berries also act as a potent antioxidant.



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