Organic Nation Hydration Rescue Gel

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Organic Nation Hydration Rescue Gel – A sublime hydration & soothing gel.

Certified Organic Aloe Gel is infused with the ultimate skin rescue ingredients all sourced from nature.

Calendula & Comfrey provide century old therapeutic support for sensitive & dry skin. Organic Nation Hydration Rescue Gel is the ultimate in reducing the effects of ageing from sun damage, redness, inflammation & dryness.

A soft plumping action provides a natural lift to the skin.

Aroma – A soothing aroma of pure chamomile & lavender essential oils.

Organic Nation Hydration Rescue Gel – Certified organic content: 87%

Note: Occasionally particular ingredients are not available from a sustainable organic source, hence the percentage difference. The percentage of non Botanical Ingredients is due to the preservative, or in some instances the actives utilized. In many instances these ingredients initially started as a botanical, but were processed a number of times for stability & efficacy. In those instances we have classified them as non botanical.


All skin types


  • Hydration rescue gel is the ultimate in anti-ageing helping to reduce the effects of sun damage, redness, inflammation & dryness

  • Soft plumping action provides a natural lift to the skin

  • Powerful humectant holds moisture in the skin’s surface

  • Mucopolysaccharides in aloe vera provide a natural moisturising factor for the skin

  • Aides in healing & tissue repair to combat anti-ageing


  • Certified Organic Aloe Gel – Aloe acts as a humectant that supports skin hydration & has been used for centuries by many cultures to reduce skin inflammation.

  • Australian Native Kakadu Plum – This miracle super-fruit provides anti-ageing protection, nourishment & super hydration , plus it is the worlds highest source of vitamin C.

  • Carageenan Extract – Red Edible Seaweed – Carrageenan Extract facilitates immediate hydration. Illuminates, firms & soothes your skin.

  • Calendula & Comfrey – These ancient herbs have long been used for their anti-inflammatory & wound healing benefits.



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