Organic Nation Detoxifying Clay Whip

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Organic Nation Detoxifying Clay Whip – An aromatic deep cleansing clay masque created to cool, refine & draw impurities from congested skin.

Used medicinally for centuries, clay draws out toxins & debris build up that occurs within the skin pores.

Kakadu plum & sea kelp provide a concentrated source of nutrients & antioxidants to boost the detoxification.

Organic Nation Detoxifying Clay Whip is enriched with alpha hydroxy acid to aid in exfoliation whilst leaving the skin instantly refreshed, deeply cleansed & vibrant.

Aroma – Orange, frankincense & tea tree, a beautiful herbaceous & earthy aroma with a top note of citrus.

Organic Nation Detoxifying Clay Whip – Certified organic content: 68.4%

Note: Occasionally particular ingredients are not available from a sustainable organic source, hence the percentage difference. The percentage of non Botanical Ingredients is due to the preservative, or in some instances the actives utilized. In many instances these ingredients initially started as a botanical, but were processed a number of times for stability & efficacy. In those instances we have classified them as non botanical.


Most skin types

For sensitive skin, we recommend patch testing before first use.


  • Provides a deeper purifying action for highly congested areas

  • Alpha hydroxy acids compliment the detoxifying clay to loosen debris buildup in pores

  • Light silky texture that is easy to apply & remove


  • Kaolin & Bentonite Clay – For centuries clay has been used in poultices to draw toxins & infections from the body. Known to reduce bacteria on the skin, clay is perfect to reduce blackheads, debris build-up & congestion.

  • Australian Native Kakadu Plum – One of the world’s richest sources of vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant & essential vitamin slows the signs of ageing.

  • Sea Kelp – Abundant in essential amino acids, aiding in hydration & maintaining the skin’s elasticity.



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