Cosmedix Purity Detox Scrub

A gentle physical exfoliator with Salicylic Acid that removes built-up dead skin cells & dissolves impurities for visible clarity & brilliance.

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CosMedix Purity Detox Scrub – the Ultimate Exfoliating Cocktail – A cocktail of gentle physical exfoliators combined with salicylic acid, CosMedix Purity Detox Scrub cleanses the skin & polishes away imperfections.

With CosMedix Purity Detox Scrub, as poppy, jojoba & date seeds scrub away dead skin cells & debris, Salicylic Acid provides intensive renewal for an all-around smoother, clearer look & feel. Use all over the body for smoother skin from head to toe.

Partner with CosMedix Purity Solution for a power cleanse.

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All skin types

  • Great for knuckles, elbows, knees, & heels!

  • Mix with water for a more aggressive scrub

  • Mix with Benefit Clean for a less aggressive exfoliation


  • Poppy, Jojoba and Date Seeds – Naturally polishes away pore-clogging debris

  • Salicylic Acid – Exfoliates for a smoother, clearer texture


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