CosMedix Pure C

100% pure L-ascorbic acid – the most potent, stable form of Vitamin C. Boosts anti ageing performance of any skin care product – unique age-defying mixing powder.

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CosMedix Pure C – Repair and Restore – Mixing Crystals – 100% pure L-ascorbic acid – the most potent, stable form of vitamin C – in a unique age-defying mixing powder. Help protect your precious skin from free-radical damage using the powerful antioxidant benefit of fresh, chirally corrected Vitamin C with Cosmedix’s Pure C.

Supercharge Your Regimen – L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), helps maintain the skin’s flexibility & improve elasticity. CosMedix Pure C  helps to neutralize free radicals, reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles & improve skin texture & tone when paired with other COSMEDIX products. The crystallized formula boosts results of other serums or moisturisers for maximum impact with each application.

Simply add (a few sprinkles) Pure C into any of your serums. Vitamin C boosts anti ageing performance of any skincare product. It enhances brightening, firming & anti-wrinkle power.

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  • All Skin Types

  • Lines & wrinkles

  • Sun damage & hyper pigmentation

  • Menopausal skin


  • Lightens and brightens

  • Tyrosinase inhibitor

  • Antibacterial

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Stimulates collagen synthesis


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