Aspect Blush Free Kit


The perfect combination of products to calm & treat red, irritated flaky skin. Ideal for Rosacea, Sensitive Skin, Reactive Skin, Post Peel, Laser, IPL

Aspect Blush Free Kit – Burning, stinging skin? Or just in need of some TLC? The Aspect Blush Free Kit is the ideal starting point. The perfect combination of products to treat red, irritated & flaky skin. Don’t put up with red, dry & irritated skin! Rosacea sufferers, finally there is a solution & a set of products that will calm & soothe your sensitive skin. Helps alleviate those flushed red cheeks.

The Aspect Blush Free Kit is perfect for clients experiencing concerns associated with skin redness, stress, irritation & reactivity. It is also beneficial post laser, IPL & clinical peeling procedures to assist in repairing the skin’s barrier function.

The three key products in the kit work synergistically to provide clients with a three-step day & night homecare regimen. Together, they supply the skin with potent antioxidant activity alongside calming, soothing & hydrating properties and the added benefit of epidermal barrier protection.




  • Rosacea

  • Sensitive Skin

  • Reactive Skin

  • Post Peel, Laser, IPL, Surgery



  • Extreme C 20 30ml

  • Redless 21 15ml

  • Phytostat 9 15g


Perfect for red, sensitised skin, Aspect Blush Free Kit is also ideal to help your skin bounce back after skin treatments & sun exposure. Helping to repair your skin’s barrier & defend the skin from environmental aggressors, the Aspect Blush Free Kit helps to reduce redness & irritation.


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