Skin Type

Skin Care for Skin Types

It is important not to confuse Skin Type with Skin Disorder or Skin Concern, such as acne vulgaris, rosacea, pigmentation, vascular, sun damage or fine lines and wrinkles. Different skin types are genetically determined but choosing the best skin treatments and skin care for your face and body is essential to care for your skin’s health, to slow the ageing process and to look your best!

Whilst everyone’s skin is a little bit different, your skin type can be generalised into one of five skin types, depending on how much oil (“sebum”) your skin produces.

The five skin types are:-

  1. Combination
  2. Dry or Dehydrated
  3. Normal
  4. Oily or Congested
  5. Sensitive or Reactive

To make choosing your skin care products easier, we have provided categories of product from all our professional cosmeceutical skin care brands for each skin type.