Skin Product Type

Types of  Skin Care Products

Rule 1

Know your skin type.

Rule 2

Don’t be fooled. Before you buy, read the fine print.

Rule 3

Spend wisely. “Abide by the following skin care commandments: “cleanse, moisturise, protect and treat.”

To assist you in selecting the best cosmeceutical product for your skin care regime, we have sorted our product ranges into their specific types, ie cleansers, moisturisers, serums etc

Within each product type category we have provided further information to help you select the best type of that product for your skin type. If you are still not sure, why not book a free skin care consultation with our skin specialist at NASCENT Skin and Beauty Clinic.

Cosmetics versus Cosmeceuticals?

Cosmetic products are widely accessible, available from supermarkets, department stores and salons.

A Cosmeceutical product differs by stepping up with higher concentrations of active ingredients and often a variety of these active ingredients combined. This stronger formulation has the ability to bring about visible changes to the skin making it a results-focused product. Often, Cosmeceutical products are restricted to professional skin care stockist where a consultation can be provided.

We have a range of cosmeceutical products available to address your specific skin type or your skin concern or disorder including acne specific, antioxidants, ageing specific, balms, cleansers, congested skin, dry dehydrated skin, exfoliators, eye serums, hydrators, masks, mineral makeup, moisturisers, oily congested skin, peptides, pigmentation, rosacea, sensitive skin, serums, solution kits, sun protection and toners.

NASCENT Skin and Beauty Clinic are authorised stockists and certified practitioners of Aspect, Colorescience, Cosmedix, Organic Nation, PCA skin, Societe, Teen Aspect and more.