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Skin Care Products for Sensitive Type Skin

All skin can feel sensitive at times, but, why is it that it seems to flare up just in time for that first date, job interview, or big night out? It doesn’t always have to be that way! 

Persistently red, flushed-looking, sensitive skin is often due to a mysterious, challenging skin disorder. For most people, it begins as a swath of pink across the cheeks, which can either come and go or stick around. Gradually, the redness becomes visibly more intense, sometimes accompanied by bumps or extreme sensitivity and flaking. 

As a priority, it’s incredibly important to immediately start calming, hydrating, and nourishing your skin. Doing nothing or just the bare minimum means the redness and sensitivity are likely to worsen.

With a skin care routine that’s tailor-made for sensitive skin, you’ll not only help keep skin feel calmer with some savvy TLC, you’ll be ready to fight off the first signs of sensitivity as they appear. The skin care routine for sensitive skin needs to be non-irritating. so as not to aggravate matters. Also vitally important is to keep skin drenched in skin type-appropriate hydration and skin-defending, soothing antioxidants. All skin care products should be fragrance ­free and dye­ free and you must avoid scrubs, harsh cleansing brushes, and aggravating ingredients, including alcohol (SD­ or denatured), menthol, mint, citrus, and lavender. 

If you are uncertain which skin care products are best for your skin type and condition, book a Skin Analysis and Consultation with our Skin Specialist at Nascent Skin & Beauty Clinic.

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