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Skin Care Products for Dry Type Skin

DRY SKIN – If your skin is dry, that means it naturally produces less oil. Wrinkles and other prominent lines are more apparent with dry skin, especially around the eyes and mouth. The lack of oil also leaves it more exposed to dryness and changes in weather – if you experience particular dryness when the weather turns cold or heats up, you probably have dry skin.

Dry skin is a complicated topic. Making it even more complicated are the contradictory findings about dry skin in countless scientific journals. Yet despite the differing, there are two basic, though critical points of unanimous agreement.

  1. The skin’s surface layers have between 10% to 30% water content, and maintaining this level of hydration is tremendously important.
  2. Intact skin does a far better job of holding hydration than impaired skin.

Without question, hydrated skin is beautiful to behold. When skin is properly moisturised, it’s flexible and supple, both hallmarks of younger skin. Normal hydration also allows skin to preserve and sustain the natural substances it relies on to keep it healthy-looking and visibly protected from negative environmental influences. Hydrated skin is also better able to naturally shed (exfoliate) built-up dead skin which allows younger skin to reveal itself and help a well-formulated moisturiser absorb better.

If you are uncertain which skin care products are best for your skin type and condition, book a Skin Analysis and Consultation with our Skin Specialist at Nascent Skin & Beauty Clinic.

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