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Teen Aspect Skin Care

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a line of skin care products for teens and tweens and all that suffer acne

The best products for teenage skin are ones that focus on their specific skin problems. And yet are gentle enough for younger skins. Acne that springs from hormones and puberty is a lot different from adult acne, and it needs its own special treatment. Teen Aspect has that covered.

The Teen Aspect products are formulated for the emerging pubertal skin – from around 10 to 14 as pimples, blackheads and congestion are beginning to affect their skin.

Brand Philosophy

Results driven skin care specifically for teenage problem and oily skin. Gentle in its approach, yet highly effective, TEEN Aspect won’t irritate, dry, clog or create trauma. As always TEEN Aspect is proudly Australian owned, cruelty-free, organic where possible and free of known irritants.

Begin Your Skin Transformation

TEEN Aspect is a basic range designed for its simple effectiveness. Begin with the TEEN Aspect Starter Kit, designed to cosmetically correct problematic and oily teenage skin, gently and effectively. With continued use, skin appears clearer, more balanced and refined.

Acne or problematic skin doesn’t stand a chance with Teen Aspect

For teens who want to conquer acne once and for all, Teen Aspect is a great solution. These are some of the best products for teenage skin and the common skin problems that come with the territory.

As a mum, the teen kit is an easy way to introduce your emerging 10-15 year old to a healthy skin care regime – before they start surfing the internet and before peer group pressure sets in.

Make sure you only buy from an Authorised Stockist and Clinical Practitioner who can support you in finding the skin care products that work best for your skin
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